Travels to India...or actually just the right time to start blogging...

So blogging about my travels to India...that was my aim in the first place. Also starting to blog at all. I've been meaning to do this for ages. What held me back? Maybe the thought, Oh who will be interested, and well, everybody writes these days, and in which language do I write, and why at all....Well, my fingers are typing in English right I stick to this...and maybe on some days I will write in German...I let myself be guided by intuition.

Well, the Why?  I so love writing, express myself in words, digest all the happenings. When I was younger, I journaled every day, then life started to take its turns...and once I had moved to Lucerne, after my 8 years in Australia, gradually the writing moved into the background. There was no time, no inspiration, no energy.... I so had to deal with other things, with life  itself, finding my way here, with getting myself grounded, once I opened up my shala in Lucerne, all the energy went into the build up and then again, ground basic things ...the big subject...Maybe also the integration of all the Yoga, all the spiritual work I had done so integrate, to manifest on a phsyical level, to manifest all that healing in a physical way that had taken place in Australia. Yes, what a blessing, I got to spend 8 years in Australia, found a place on planet Earth where I feel so at home, met so many wonderful people, friends for life, yoga family....and still I am in touch with most of these people....physically very far, and yet not. The world becomes smaller, once we travelled so much, lived on two different ends of the world. Some part of me never left Australia. Which is good. We are multidimensional beings:-). And I am filled with gratitude for everything.

So yeps, for the past few years: it was important to ground, to get things done, to build up the shala, withdraw, be in the materialistic world and yet not loose touch with the essence of life... the muse was missing, the arts, dance, the inspiration, PASSIOn...So now after this travel to India from December til mid February, another retreat in Bondla with Clive and then the rather longish period to heal from the bug, that travelled along from all and finallly brought me back to the inspiration, to the moment, to PASSION in life.... passion was missing in the past few years.... Zest for life....Dance of life.... Well, all in phases....And the journey goes its very own way, all unfolding the way it is supposed to.....from the deepest dark,comes the brightest light....Travelling to India is always a journey deep into the soul, a change for big tranformation.

This as a little intro...more to onto my yoga mat.



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    Francesca (Tuesday, 03 May 2016 14:35)

    Brava Shaktini and thank you for sharing with us :-) I look forward to reading your next posts :-)